Teeth Whitening

before and after temecula teeth whiteningAre your teeth yellow? Do you see celebrities on television screens and movies and wonder how they have such excellent milky white teeth? Do you wish that your teeth looked just like theirs?

Well, you are not alone with this one. Many people suffer from having yellow teeth. This could happen due to multiple reasons. It is most common to get yellow teeth due to our dietary habits. Intake of substances such as excessive amounts of tea, cola, smoking cigarettes etc. are major factors to this problem. Eating food such as berries, drinking too much wine also stain our teeth. Having tartar or plaque in our cavities, intake of substances with too much fluoride, having too many antibiotics during childhood is also the reason why we could have yellow teeth. And we all want to change that. We all wish to get rid of our yellow teeth and get back our pearly white sets.

Sometimes, the yellowing of teeth can be a natural process as well. It could happen because of old age, or it could be your natural colour.
Despite whatever the reasons are, you can still get back your teeth with the help of dental whitening process. Aside from giving you back the whiteness for the teeth that you always longed for, it also gives several other benefits:

It gives you back your confidence to smile more in public.

It helps you create a positive image of yourself.

It helps you make great first impressions on other people.

All in all, it gives you the freedom to smile as much as you like without getting self-conscious about your teeth. And coming off as a happy person is always a good sign wherever you go.

Dental whitening process

teeth whitening dentist, dental whitening, teeth bleachingGetting the dental whitening process or teeth bleaching is a matter of you going to a teeth whitening dentist. Promenade Dental is a qualified teeth whitening dentists in Temecula.

With the advancement in technology, dentists are now armed with advanced equipment to make the whitening process much faster and effective. We use the new Zoom 2 Advanced Power system, which can cause your teeth to look pearly white again in just 60 minutes.
What is Zoom 2 Advanced power system?

Zoom2 treatments help in rectifying the discoloration of enamel and dentin. It can help your teeth get up to eight shades lighter. There is not one particular color that all people will be able to get since everyone’s teeth, and their natural color is different, but it will help remove all the external factors that are causing your teeth to look stained.

The procedure is for zoom2 whitening procedure is quite simple. First, your lips and gums are covered leaving only your teeth exposed. Then the dentists apply the zoom whitening gel that is to be used exclusively with the Zoom 2 advanced power light. This combination of light and gel work together to gently penetrate the teeth whereby it starts to break up the stains and the particles that are causing discoloration of the teeth. You do not have to keep repeating this procedure. Once you are done with it, the effect can remain as such for as long as the patient maintains healthy dietary habits and practices proper oral hygiene. However, it is recommended that annual check-ups with the doctor are done as it is a prerequisite for maintaining a healthy set of teeth.

Dentists will perform the tooth whitening procedure on you after a thorough examination of your gums and teeth. If you are about to undergo other dental procedures, then they also recommend you to undergo dental whitening as it helps with matching the colors with other restoration procedures.
The best part of getting teeth bleaching done is that it doesn’t affect the color of your crowns. Hence, if you are unsatisfied with the colour of your crowns, then you can even change it to get a more attractive or compatible color.

Home practices for keeping your teeth white

Your dentist won’t do everything for you. Efforts are also required from your side to make sure that you sustain the newly gained white set of teeth. For this, there are various practices and remedies that you can practice at home. Things such as dental whitening toothpaste, mouthwash, whitening pens, strips etc. are good accessories to aid in maintaining your pearl white smile.

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