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  • A Murrieta dentist with $19 for a dental exam and digital Xray.
  • Our Murrieta dental staff will make sure that your appointment is comfortable.
  • We can always arrange SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS for our Emergency Dentist.
  • We have the technology to provide SAME DAY CROWNS.
  • We use ultrasonic teeth cleaning rather than tools that SCRAPE TEETH.
  • Our Murrieta Dental practice is the Dentist Near To Me.
  • Our affordable dentist is pain free.

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It is Time for an Ultrasonic No Scraping Teeth Cleaning.

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    Same Day Crowns – No Scraping Teeth Cleaning
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    Call the dentist who cares for the best service, prices, and pain management.

    Our Services
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    $19 Exam & Xrays

    Everyone must get their teeth cleaned twice a year. Most dentists use old metal tools to scrape teeth. Not only do they remove plaque, but they also remove the enamel. With high-tech ultrasonic cleaning, we clean your teeth pain-free without removing enamel.

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    affordable dentist - emergency dentist

    From $95 Teeth Cleaning

    Your Murrieta prosthodontist dentist will investigate your oral and systemic health. Dr. Bao will share with you all identified pathologies or concerns. He will develop a unique customized treatment plan.

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    same day crowns

    $2995 Adult Braces

    Wearing clear braces is not just for kids! Adults find that teeth straightening helps their social and professional lives. Promenade Temecula Dentist can help adults straighten their teeth.

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    Our Murrieta Dentist near me is an affordable dentist with Same Day Crowns. He is Temecula Dentist and emergency dentist.

    Finding a good dentist is difficult! Dr. Bao offers the most affordable dental care in Murrieta. He is friendly and professional. It is even more challenging to find an office where you can see the same dentist on every visit. Dr. Bao will be your dentist on every visit to get personalized service. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff understands your dental needs. We are always available if you need an emergency dentist.

    $850 Same-Day Crowns*

    We provide cutting-edge dentistry that gives our patients more choices. Our technology includes Digital X-rays, digital record keeping, and intraoral photos. We also use CEREC® CAD/CAM restorations, same-day crown restorations, etc. As a result, we will keep your teeth looking their best and be more efficient and accurate with your dental care. Best of all, our affordable prices are the best in Murrieta.

    $19 Exam and X-Rays

    Promenade Murrieta Dental serves all your dental needs. We offer comprehensive dental services from cleanings to exams to crowns and braces. Our military provided advanced training to help our dentists minimize discomfort. We even provide emergency dentist services. So you can see a doctor immediately when you have a dental emergency.

    $95 Advanced Teeth Cleaning

    Everyone must get their teeth cleaned twice a year to maintain a healthy mouth and gums. Most dentists use old metal tools to scrape your teeth. Not only do they remove plaque, but they remove the enamel. This approach does not remove any enamel. With high-tech ultra-sonic teeth cleaning, we can clean your teeth pain-free. We charge only $95 rather than $199, like most dentists.

    Pain-Free Affordable Murrieta Dentist and Emergency Dentist

    We understand that everyone has a different threshold for pain. However, if you have had a toothache that’s lasted several days, you should find an emergency dentist. The pain could be the result of tooth decay. Even worse would be a dental abscess. Our staff at Promenade Dental Care can put an end to the pain. It will also help prevent your condition from getting worse.
    * The $850 price for Same Day Crowns is cash-only. Therefore, it excludes any additional works such as root canals or build-ups.

    More About Us
    Same day dentist - emergency dentist - Temecula dentist

    Emergency Dentist
    Near Me

    Our dentist has many years as a military emergency dentist. As such, he has more experience and training than most dentists. He uses the latest techniques to reattach knocked-out teeth and broken teeth. He can help ease your pain with toothaches or abscessed teeth. We can also assist you with a loose or broken crown. He can usually see you within an hour for emergency dental care.

    The sooner you get help for a knocked-out tooth or a broken tooth, the more likely Promenade will be able to save it. To improve your chances:

    1. Preserve your knocked-out tooth in a glass of milk and bring it to our office.
    2. For lost dental crowns or dental fillings, use a piece of sugarless gum to fill the gap.
    3. Immediately seek emergency dental care as soon as possible.

    Call the Murrieta Emergency Dentist at (951) 412-0127