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Emergency Dental Care – Emergency Dental Walk In Dentist

Emergency dentist Walk InWe have an Emergency Murrieta Dentist! Do you have a dental emergency? When you are in dental pain and need help fast, CALL at (951) 412-0127!

See a Murrieta Dentist within hours of when you call — Monday thru Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM, and Saturday from 8 AM to 1 PM.

There are many dentists in Murrieta. Dr. Bao Nguyen at Promenade Dental Care is the best to care for your dental emergency needs. For a dental emergency like a broken tooth or a toothache, it may be challenging to get an appointment on the same day. Promenade Dental Care is sympathetic to your pain and eager to help resolve it ASAP. We can get you a same-day appointment for any dental need Monday thru Saturday.

Emergency Dentist Near Me for Murrieta Walk-In Patients

Every emergency is unique. Some dental issues are treatable in a single visit. This includes a chipped tooth. However, some problems are more severe. For example, toothaches are often caused by large-scale decay or even gum disease. These usually require several visits for more complex treatment. Even if your procedure takes several steps, we ensure that your pain is dealt with as quickly as possible. Once dental pain is addressed, we will move forward with your treatment. Some of these treatments include:


Emergency Dental Care - Dental Walk In DentistToothache pain is often overwhelming and may need our same-day dental care. You might have problems eating, sleeping, and carrying on daily tasks. Tooth pain is usually caused by a dental abscess or infection. It can also be produced by decay irritating your nerves around the tooth. These issues should be treated immediately. Call us immediately when over-the-counter pain relievers do not adequately fix tooth pain. Promenade Dental Care is an emergency dentist. We recommend that you follow the following tips before you see us:

    • Hold a cold compress on your mouth close to the sore tooth.
    • Wash your mouth out with saltwater. This will help kill bacteria and reduce inflammation.
    • Use dental floss to remove food lodged against the aching tooth.
    • Use oral numbing gels that you can buy at most drugstores. Rub it into the painful tooth and the gums around it.

Please do not put an aspirin directly against your tooth or gums. This often causes more pain.


broken tooth

It is essential to call our dentist immediately if you chip or break a tooth. This can happen anytime, like eating or while engaging in sport. The quicker you arrive at our office, the more likely you will reattach the broken tooth. First, save the pieces of the chipped tooth. Rinse them in warm water, and put them in a bowl of milk. Then, quickly bring them to our office as we welcome dental walk-ins.

If you are in a lot of pain, you can reduce the pain with aspirin or ibuprofen. You can also try to hold a cold compress against the outside of your cheek. If you happen to be bleeding, bite on a piece of gauze. We have extensive experience as military emergency dentists, and this training surpasses standard dental care.


knocked out tooth - emergency dentist

Everyone that has had a tooth knocked out has trauma. Know that our walk-in dentist in Temecula has experience with this situation. You will be able to see our dentist within an hour, and there is a good chance that we will re-insert the tooth for you.

Immediately have a friend call us. At the same time, you will need to address the lost tooth. Here is a list of things to do:

    • Lift the lost tooth by the crown – not the root. You do not want to add bacteria or other pathogens to the root.
    • Run the tooth under water to clean it. Do not dry it on anything.
    • Try to push it back into its socket. Make sure you face the tooth in the right direction. Bite down slowly to hold the tooth in place until you see our emergency dentist.
    • If the tooth will not go back into the socket, store it in a glass of milk.

After our dentist attaches the tooth, it should fuse to the bone in a few weeks.


Sometimes we get lucky and can offer to repair a broken or chipped tooth with bonding. This simple procedure can be used as a temporary or permanent solution.


Several dental issues can cause excruciating pain. One example is an infected tooth. Unfortunately, these often require a root canal procedure to address your pain. If needed, our Emergency Care will make you comfortable with pain medication.

Promenade Emergency Care is the same-day Dentist in Murrieta that you can trust. We hope to see you soon for any services and welcome dental walk-ins!!!


How do I deal with jaw swelling?2021-10-28T11:36:52-07:00

Swelling is typically the result of an infection. If your swelling makes it hard for you to breathe or causes your eye to get swollen, you need emergency dental care! You may need antibiotics. Do not put heat on a swollen jaw. Heat may cause an infection to spread more quickly.

How can I remove something caught in my teeth?2021-10-28T10:26:08-07:00

If you get food or any other tiny object stuck between your teeth, you can try to remove the thing with dental floss. Do not use anything extremely sharp, like a pin, around your teeth. It may cause damage to your gums. If dental floss does not work, contact Promenade Dental Clinic to schedule an appointment.

What should I consider a dental emergency?2021-10-28T10:22:24-07:00

Call for a dental emergency when you have dental pain, sudden swelling, or a large amount of discomfort. They won’t just quickly go away. If you have knots, swelling, or bulges on your gums, you also may be experiencing a dental emergency. Oral health problems do not fix themselves.

I have a broken tooth. What do I do?2021-10-28T10:17:18-07:00

Even when a tooth is not painful, it’s essential to see a dentist right away. The internal parts of a tooth may be exposed to different types of bacteria in the mouth. If the tooth is unprotected, this will quickly lead to decay. Call our office immediately so we can evaluate how serious the problem is.

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