temecula emergency dentist - teeth whitening TemeculaWe have 24/7 Temecula Emergency Dentists! Do you have a dental emergency? Whatever the circumstances, when you are in dental pain and you need help fast CALL at (951) 296-3011!
– Monday thru Friday, see a Temecula Dentist within hours of when you call.

There are many emergency dentists in Temecula to choose from. If you need one quickly for a broken tooth or a tooth ache, it may be difficult to get an appointment the same day. Promenade Dental Care is sympathetic to your pain and eager to help resolve it ASAP.

Temecula Emergency Dentists

Every emergency is unique. Some dental issues can be treated in a single visit. This would include a chipped tooth. Some issues are more severe. Toothaches are often caused by large scale decay or even gum disease. These often require several visits for more complex treatment. Even if your treatment will take several steps, we ensure that your pain is dealt with as quickly as possible. Once the dental pain is addressed, we will move forward with your treatment. Some of these treatments include:

  • Tooth Extraction – We all want to keep all our of natural teeth a lifetime. That is not always an option when we have extensive tooth damage. Tooth extraction is always the last resort for badly damaged teeth. We have fast and pain-free ways to perform this procedure. Afterward, we will talk to you about remedies like dentures, bridges and teeth implants.
  • Tooth Bonding – Sometimes we get lucky and can offer to repair a broken or chipped tooth with bonding. This is a simple procedure and can be used as a temporary or permanent solution.
  • Pain Medication – There are several dental issues that can cause excruciating pain. One example is an infected tooth. Unfortunately, these often require a root canal procedure to address your pain.
  • Teeth Whitening Temecula – Promenade Temecula Dental Group with Dr. Bao’s Teeth Whitening in Temecula will give you the dazzling smile that makes a person feel good and look great. Just after one session, you will have a smile that is up to eight shades whiter. Our teeth whitening approach uses a very special light and a dental bleaching gel to whiten away all the stains that have been caused by years of foods, smoking, and heredity stains. Your appointment will require about an hour and a half. We recommend that you set up an appointment before work or over lunch.
  • Temecula Braces and Temecula Dentures – We make custom Temecula dentures that precisely fit the patient’s mouth and provide excellent comfort and functionality. The doctors at our Promenade Mall area practice offer both partial and full dentures, combining advanced dental implant technology with custom prosthetics for the best possible fit, stability, and lifelike appearance.
  • Temecula Kids Dentist – Our office practices patient-centered, pediatric dentistry in Temecula, where each child is treated like our own. We provide a professional and pain-free dental services that are fun, affordable, and caring. Our staff takes pride in all children’s health, comfort, and safety.

Promenade Dental Care is a Temecula emergency dentist that you can trust. We hope to see you soon!!!