A toothbrush that makes an automatic motion to clean the teeth is an electric toothbrush. There are three electric toothbrushes styles: power, sonic or ultrasonic toothbrushes. According to the features and technology applied, these are rechargeable and different from manual toothbrushes.

Features of the best electric tooth brushes

Following are some high-tech features of an electric toothbrush:

Rechargeable battery: The rechargeable battery of an electric toothbrush lasts on average of about 4-5 years. This battery longevity reduces the hassle factor of having to replace batteries. After recharging, it runs for about two weeks.

Vibratory Motion of Heads: The vibration of brush heads gives an advantage by removing plaque. This action of vibration against teeth also creates a mixture of saliva, toothpaste, and water to fight plaque.

Rotating Heads: The rotation of brush heads helps to clean each tooth perfectly.

Timer: Timers are present to analyze how long you are brushing each part of the mouth. And some automatic timers make you brush for precisely two minutes. Quad pacer divides a two-minute timer into four sections, each 30 sec.

Different Modes to Choose From: Electric toothbrushes have different brushing modes for sensitive teeth providing gentle cleaning. Other modes include benefits for whitening and massaging action.

Sensors: Pressure sensors on the brush let you know if you are brushing harshly to minimize applied pressure and get the best cleaning.

Reminders: Digital reminders let you know when to replace brush heads.

Best Electric Toothbrushes

While every toothbrush does the same thing, an electric toothbrush is better for one who needs help beyond what a manual toothbrush offers. They provide extra cleaning and improvement with problem teeth. An electric toothbrush must be gentle on your teeth. It should have facilities to improve cleaning technique and should be according to budget. Here, we will list the best electrical toothbrushes analyzing their features.

Oral-B Pro 1000 - oral-b electric tooth brushesOral-B Pro 1000

This brush should be your choice when you want every high-tech feature included in a budget. Its battery charge is long-lasting, and one charge is usually good for a week if you brush twice daily. It comes with different modes to accommodate your requirements. Its price is also reasonable, with a timer and an extensive group of different types of brush heads. It will give a better experience of brushing.

Oral-B Genius Pro 8000Oral-B Genius Pro 8000

The Oral-B genius model is a more expensive model of a toothbrush. If you want to maintain a budget and you already have proper technique, then go with the previous model. This toothbrush is great for sensitive teeth with a slower pace as it gives only 8000 strokes per minute. It has a balanced design, perfect timer, and responsive pressure sensor.


electric tooth brush for braces - Philips Sonicare 2 SeriesPhilips Sonicare 2 Series

It is the least expensive among other brushes of Sonicare. Still, it is a quiet brush, i.e., it makes less noise than Oral-B. It is soft and gentle to teeth. It has a straightforward design with a single brushing mode, rechargeable battery, a two-minute timer, and a quad-pacer. It does not have a pressure sensor, but still, you can avoid brushing too hard with a little care. It has a wide range of brush heads.

Philips Sonicare Diamond CleanPhilips Sonicare Diamond Clean

Best Dentist AwardThis is also best among sonic electrical toothbrushes. Its timer is effective. Its pressure sensor works by giving a flash and buzz to let you know that you have to ease the pressure a little. The noise stops when you let up on the force. Dentists highly recommend this feature. Its handle design is comfortable to use. This sonic toothbrush can cause a tickling sensation for sensitive teeth.

Electric ToothbrushGoby

The best electric toothbrushes have the essential features included in the above brushes. It only has one type of brush head, and instead of that, it has all the basics one looks for at a very aggressive price.