Taking care of your children’s teeth is essential to making them strong. Proper care will help them avoid decays that have become rampant in children. Periodontal diseases are common in children who do not take good care of their teeth. They are caused by inflammatory bacteria hiding between the teeth and on the gums. Cleaning your teeth at least twice per day will help eliminate these bacteria.  Children must learn how to take good care of their teeth at a young age to develop good habits. Make the most of your role as a parent and impact your child’s dental health by modeling good behavior.

So what should your children do?

childrens floride tooth pasteUse Fluoride Toothpaste

Studies show that fluoridated toothpaste is safe for your toddler. Your child should start using it as soon as they get their first teeth. It will help reduce tooth decay, an epidemic in our modern society. The epidemic is so rampant that it is common to find children as young as two years in the operating room for cavity repair.  Using fluoride toothpaste will reduce tooth decay that interferes with the child’s eating and sleeping habits. This affects their general development and health. This toothpaste blocks cavities and increases the number of minerals in areas bombarded by bacterial acids.


Visit your Dentist Regularly

Just like adults, children must get dental checkups regularly.  When children celebrate their first birthday, you should take them to the dentist for their first check-up. The dentist will not just check on the child’s general dental health but will give you tips on cavity prevention and proper brushing habits. Your dentist will also assess the risk of cavities and advice you on how often your child should visit their office. Early decay will be treated with fluoride to help harden the teeth. The dentist will also spot any cavity problems and fill them.


murrieta emergency dentist - child dentistCleaning the Teeth

According to research findings, it is now apparent that cavity-causing bacteria will be present in the folds of your tongue. This is true even before your teeth start growing. So, the child should start using infant teeth and gum wipes as soon as the first teeth appear. Have your kids graduate using a soft-bristled toothbrush once the teeth have grown. Ensure that children are taught to brush their teeth after breakfast and after eating their dinner. Help the kids brush their teeth until they master the skill. Teach them to brush their teeth in tiny little circles. Ensure that you touch every surface of the tooth. Generally, brushing teeth should take two minutes. Children whose premolars are yet to grow should brush for a full minute.


Floss Daily

Flossing should start as soon as possible. Unfortunately, most parents believe that it is something that can only be done when the permanent teeth start protruding. Flossing is essential since it helps to get all the plaque out.


Check Your Water

You need to check the water that is supplied to your house. Ensure that it is fluoridated. If you realize that it is not, discuss this with your dentist so that they can recommend supplements to use. This way, it ensures that your child’s teeth are not affected by the water.


dentists in temeculaReduce the Number of Sugary Foods the Child Eat

Ensure that your children only sleep with a pacifier filled with water. Never give them sugar-containing fluids. Such fluids make the decay-producing bacteria thrive. It helps to increase the acidity created by decay-producing bacteria and increases the chances of tooth decay.


Keep Your Cool

Before you visit a dentist, don’t share any fears you may have about dentists with your children. The worst thing that most parents do is discuss their concerns with their children. It induces fear in children about visiting a dentist. This fear becomes a significant obstacle in future dental care endeavors. A good rule of thumb is never to use words such as hurt or pain before visiting your dentist.


Childproof Your Home

According to the latest studies, children under the age of 7 incur dental injuries in their homes. As a result, it is recommended that parents should childproof their homes. Ensure that your child plays away from furniture or objects that are likely to make them injure their teeth. If they accidentally injure their teeth, ensure that you immediately take them to a dentist. Do not treat any tooth injury lightly.

Generally, ensure that your child’s dental hygiene is your priority. Have them brush their teeth at least two times a day. Cleaning should take place after eating breakfast and dinner. This will deny the bacteria that sugar requires to thrive and produce the acid that accelerates tooth decay.