Best Tips for Your Child’s Dental Care

Taking care of your children’s teeth is an important part of making them strong. Proper care will help them avoid decays that has become rampant in children. Periodontal diseases are common in children who do not take good care of their teeth. They are caused by inflammatory bacteria that hide in between the teeth and on the gums. Cleaning your teeth at least twice per day will help eliminate these bacteria.  Children must learn how Read More

How to Keep Your Tooth Enamel Strong

Enamel is the outermost surface of a tooth. It protects your teeth from decay. Your teeth wear and chip out when you get old. You can help slow down this process and make your mouth healthy by taking simple steps. Limit Eating Sugary Foods and Drinks First, you must limit the number of sugary drinks and foods that you eat. They make the acid that softens your teeth and wears away the enamel. Also, avoid Read More

Interesting Facts About Dentists and Teeth

We all tend to forget how special some things are just because they are easily accessible. One example are our Dentists. We forget the important role that dentists play because they are easily accessible. However, there are some fascinating facts about dentists as well as our teeth. Below are some facts about dentists and our teeth that are overlooked. Dental Implants: Dental implants have been for a long time. There have been a lot of Read More

Drinking Alcohol Increases Disease-Causing Mouth Bacteria

Consumption of too much alcohol may create an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the oral cavity. According to reports, your mouth contains a good combination of both good and bad bacteria. If you regularly drink alcoholic beverages, then it disrupts the mix of oral microbes. This imbalance may cause gum infections, heart diseases, etc. There are several types of research conducted on people who consume alcohol daily. These reports are compared with ones Read More

Best Electric Toothbrushes

A toothbrush that makes an automatic motion to clean the teeth is an electric toothbrush. There are three styles of electric toothbrush including, power, sonic or ultrasonic toothbrushes. These are rechargeable and, are different from manual toothbrushes according to features and technology applied. Features of an Electric Toothbrush Following are some high-tech features of an electric toothbrush: Rechargeable battery: The rechargeable battery of an electric toothbrush lasts on average of about 4-5 years. This battery longevity Read More

Your Dentist’s Guideline to Oral Health

We’ve been lectured about daily brushing and flossing since grade school, but are those the only habits necessary to keep a healthy mouth? Oral health is a key factor in maintaining overall wellness. Long-term good hygiene habits keep pearly whites sparkling, bad breath in check, and prevent more painful issues from surfacing in the first place. Most everyone has brushed and flossed their teeth for years. Even so, most of us are surprised to learn Read More

Common Questions About Dentures Answered

What is different between a denture and a partial denture? When someone talks about dentures, they are typically talking about a full set of dentures for either the upper denture or lower denture.  These comprise all your teeth. On the other hand, a partial dentures is used to replace some of their teeth while they still have some healthy teeth. Will dentures impact how I eat? Eating with your new dentures is also a skill Read More