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Murrieta Prosthodontist Dentist Offers $19 Dental Oral Exams & Dental X-Rays

dentist near to meBelow is a step-by-step process for Oral Exams and Dental X-Rays. We hope this will be helpful when planning your visit.

The dental examination is a systematic process. Your Murrieta prosthodontist dentist will investigate your oral and systemic health. Dr. Bao will share with you all identified pathologies or concerns. He will develop a unique customized treatment plan. It will maximize your oral health while meeting your goals and expectations.

That said, let’s explore all the facets related to the oral exam at your dentist in Murrieta, CA:

1. The Medical History Intake

During the medical history intake, your provider collects information about you, including:

  • List of medications you are presently taking.
  • List of vitamins and natural healing remedies you are currently taking.
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Allergy list.
  • Previous experience with anesthesia.
  • Adverse reactions to anesthesia.
  • Family member reactions to anesthesia.
  • Any medical conditions you are currently being treated for.
  • Previous surgeries or hospitalizations.
  • Affordable Dental X Rays and Oral Exams.

This information allows your dentist to identify the necessary precautions for your treatment. It is an integral first step in treatment planning.

2. The Investigation – Dental X-Rays

teeth extraction vs flossing by Murrieta prosthodontistThe second step of any oral health exam involves a thorough examination of your teeth. While this may seem like a straightforward objective, it is its own process. It consists of the incorporation of various techniques, technologies, and therapies.

  • Your dentist explores every surface of every tooth. This allows him to uncover new cavities. He also examines the quality of existing fillings. Over time, fillings can break down and require replacement. They may also be replaced for improved esthetics. Many people opt to remove their older silver amalgam fillings. They replace them with natural-looking composite fillings.
  • The dentist uses a pigtail tool to check for calculus deposits.
  • If dental X-rays are necessary, Dr. Bao takes full-mouth dental X-rays. This allows him to detect abnormalities not visible to the naked eye.
  • We use a pigtail tool to check for calculus deposits.
  • If dental X-rays are necessary, we take full-mouth dental X-rays. The X-Rays will detect abnormalities not visible to the naked eye.
  • Healthy gums adhere tightly to the teeth.
  • If they don’t, periodontal disease may be present, or bone loss may occur. The dentist probes your teeth to measure the strength of supporting bone structure. A calibrated probe is inserted between the teeth and gums to measure “gum adherence” to the teeth. Dr. Bao then records a millimeter number for each tooth. The goal is to record ones, twos, or threes. Many fours or more indicate periodontal disease and potential bone loss. If the gums do not tighten after the cleaning, you will be scheduled for a scaling. For severe cases, you will be referred to a periodontist for treatment.
  • Dr. Bao uses high-frequency ultrasonic scalers to clean your teeth. Most other dentists use scalers (scraping tools), damaging your enamel. Cleaning is performed below the gum and between the teeth as well.
  • Your dentist gently polishes the teeth to ensure that the enamel is not disturbed. Toothpaste or baking soda and water may be used to complete the polishing.
  • Fluoride treatment is the last step.

3. The Education

Following your oral exam, your dentist will talk about his findings. You may be advised to consult with a specialist if more complicated or advanced work is required, and a treatment plan is discussed at this point in the visit.

    • Professional cleaning is recommended every six months. Sometimes more often is risky for those with periodontal disease, a smoker, or a diabetic. Frequent cleaning will help you avoid further damage, disease, and more invasive treatments. Get dental X-rays and oral exams at a very low cost.
    • Brush and floss teeth after every meal, at least three times a day. Brushing is done in front of, behind, and on top of every tooth to clean and polish the surface. Improper brushing, such as brushing too hard, can lead to enamel loss and gum recession. Flossing between teeth removes debris that can cause bacteria to form. Dr. Bao reviews brushing and flossing habits. This is to ensure that you know how to perform them correctly.
    • Dr. Bao provides advice based on your individual needs. We inform smokers that they face an increased risk for periodontal disease. This disease leads to tooth loss. Nail biters can risk injury to the enamel on their teeth. Teeth grinders are informed that the dentist will speak to them about a mouthguard. Dr. Bao also has special treatment considerations for babies, youths, and senior citizens.

There’s nothing better than having regular dental visits. Our no pain dentist in Murrieta, CA, is very affordable. He will teach you proper dental hygiene to preserve your teeth. Getting dental x-rays and oral exams minimizes more significant dental issues. By keeping your mouth healthy, you thwart many potential dental problems. It will keep your smile bright. Ultimately good dental hygiene will help you avoid the cost of dental surgery. Promenade Dental Care is an affordable dentist in Murrieta. He only charges $19 for both dental x-rays and oral exams.

Your Dentist’s Guideline to Oral Health

We’ve been lectured about daily brushing and flossing since grade school. Still, are those the only habits necessary to keep a healthy mouth? Oral health is critical in maintaining overall wellness. Long-term good hygiene habits keep pearly whites sparkling and bad breath in check, and it prevents more painful issues from surfacing in the first place.

Most everyone has brushed and flossed their teeth for years. Many people are not doing it adequately to prevent tooth decay and gum deterioration. Check this out. Did you know that proper brushing takes at least two minutes? Most of us are surprised to hear that they have been doing such a daily activity wrong.

Please follow the following steps as the easiest ways to remember how to care for your mouth, teeth, and gums:

      • Brush at least twice a day for at least two minutes each time. Most experts feel that fluoride toothpaste is the best option. The most important times to brush are first thing in the morning and before bedtime.
      • Floss every day – usually at bedtime
      • The next task is good for your mouth health and your waistline. Limit or avoid snacking.
      • It is the least expensive Sonicare toothbrush. It is a quiet brush, i.e., making less noise than Oral-B. Visit your dentist every six months. We recommend you have a professional cleaning and an oral exam twice a year. This is required to maintain a healthy mouth. It’s easy to guide your family toward good oral health. All it takes is the correct information and a little practice to keep them moving in the right direction!

    How to Keep Your Tooth Enamel Strong

    Enamel is the outermost surface of a tooth. It protects your teeth from decay. Your teeth wear and chip out when you get old. You can help slow down this process and make your mouth healthy by taking simple steps.

    dentist temecula

    Limit Eating Sugary Foods and Drinks

    First, you must limit the number of sugary drinks and foods that you eat. They make the acid that softens your teeth and wears away the enamel. Also, avoid chewing candies since they damage the enamel. If you must drink soda, then low sugar soft drinks with no artificial sweeteners. Unfortunately, they are all acidic and wear down the enamel. Instead, we recommend that you drink water. Healthy eating is essential for healthy teeth. Your choice of food plays a critical role in reversing cavity problems.

    Eating Foods That Counter Acids

    Eat foods that are rich in Calcium. They counter acids in the mouth and reduce the rate at which teeth decay. Also, Calcium helps to keep the teeth and the bones healthy. Eat foods such as cheese, milk, and other dairy products. They protect and strengthen the enamel.

    don't over brush your teeth to protect your teeth enamelDon’t Over Brush Your Teeth.

    When you over brush your teeth, you help wear down the enamel. Brush your teeth at a 45-degree angle to your gum, and ensure that you move the brush back and forth. When you eat sweets or citrus fruits, wait for about an hour before brushing your teeth. The reason is that acidic and sugary foods soften the enamel. Over-brushing can damage your teeth.

    Use Fluoride

    Fluoride is the element that fights cavities. It makes the teeth healthy and resistant to the acid produced by bacteria after chewing food. Use fluoride toothpaste to ensure the strengthening of the enamel. It will also help repair a decayed tooth. When you cannot brush your teeth, rinse your mouth with a fluoride mouthwash after a meal.

    treat eating disorders and treat heartburn to protect your teeth enamelTreat Eating Disorders and Heartburn

    Heartburn is the result of excess acid in the stomach. This acid may escape to your mouth and destroy your enamel. This will make your teeth weak—eating disorders such as bulimia weaken the teeth’ enamel. The digested food contains acid. Seek medical help to help ease the disorder.

    Avoid Pools That Are Not Chlorinated

    Chlorine addition in swimming pools helps reduce the acidic level of the water. If the swimming pool is not chlorinated, you risk having water in your mouth that may damage your enamel. Close your mouth while swimming. Check with the pool attendant the chlorine levels of the pool water.

    Avoid Dry Mouth

    A dry mouth will expose your teeth to acid produced by bacteria after chewing. Saliva helps to keep away these bacteria and washes away leftover foods from your mouth. If you have a constant dry mouth, visit a dentist, and discuss your condition.

    teeth grindingStop Grinding Your Teeth

    Grinding your teeth leads to wearing down the enamel. If you have developed the habit, you need to talk to your dentist. He may recommend a mouthguard. It will protect the teeth and make it difficult for you to grind your teeth.

    Get Regular Check-Ups

    It would be best to visit your dentist every six months for teeth cleaning and a general dental oral exam. These visits are necessary. The dentist can examine your teeth and rectify a problem before damaging your teeth. If your water has no fluoride, ask your dentist to recommend a fluoridated mouthwash.

    Eat Remineralization Diets and Supplementation

    Cavity problems can be correctable by the use of diets and supplements. Re-mineralization is a natural process. This process helps the body keep the teeth strong and healthy.

    This process requires proper nutrition to be effective. Some of the recommended supplements you should take include:

        • Calcium – Calcium leads to healthy bones and healthy teeth. Calcium is a building block for our bones. It is the main component in demineralization.
        • Vitamin D3 is one of the most critical nutrients and plays a crucial role in remineralization.
        • Vitamin K2– It pairs with vitamin D3 to improve the body’s ability to absorb Calcium.

    Best Electric Toothbrushes

    A toothbrush that makes an automatic motion to clean the teeth is an electric toothbrush. There are three electric toothbrushes styles: power, sonic, and ultrasonic toothbrushes. These are rechargeable and are different from manual toothbrushes. They include many features and technology that improve brushing.

    Features of an Electric Toothbrush

    Following are some high-tech features of an electric toothbrush:

    Rechargeable battery: The rechargeable battery of an electric toothbrush lasts about 4-5 years. This battery longevity reduces the hassle factor of having to replace batteries. After recharging, it runs for about two weeks.

    Vibratory Motion of Heads: The vibration of the brush helps by removing plaque. This vibration also creates a mixture of saliva, toothpaste, and water to fight plaque.

    Rotating Heads: The brush heads’ rotation helps clean each tooth perfectly.

    Timer: Timers are present to analyze how long you are brushing each part of the mouth. And some automatic timers make you brush for precisely two minutes. Quad pacer divides a two-minute timer into four sections, each 30 sec.

    Different Modes to Choose From: Electric toothbrushes have different brushing modes for sensitive teeth providing gentle cleaning. Other modes include benefits for whitening and massaging action.

    Sensors: Pressure sensors on the brush let you know if you are brushing harshly. Minimize applied pressure and get the best cleaning.

    Reminders: Digital reminders let you know when you need to replace brush heads.

    Best Electric Toothbrushes

    While every toothbrush does the same thing, an electric toothbrush is better. This is especially true for those who need help beyond what a manual toothbrush offers. They provide extra cleaning and improvement with problem teeth. An electric toothbrush must be gentle on your teeth. It should have facilities to improve the cleaning technique. It should fit your budget. Here, we will list the best electrical toothbrushes analyzing their features.

    Oral-B Pro 1000Oral-B Pro 1000

    This brush should be your choice when you want every high-tech feature included in a budget. Its battery charge is long-lasting. One charge is usually good for a week if you brush twice daily. It comes with different modes to accommodate your requirements. Its price is reasonable, with a timer and an extensive group of different brush heads. It will give a better experience of brushing.

    Oral-B Genius Pro 8000Oral-B Genius Pro 8000

    The Oral-B genius model is a more expensive model of a toothbrush. If you want to maintain a budget and already have proper techniques, go with the previous model. This toothbrush is great for sensitive teeth at a slower pace as it gives only 8000 strokes per minute. It has a balanced design, a perfect timer, and a responsive pressure sensor.

    Philips Sonicare 2 SeriesPhilips Sonicare 2 Series

    It is soft and gentle to the teeth. It has a straightforward design with a single brushing mode. It also has a rechargeable battery, a two-minute timer, and a quad-pacer. It does not have a pressure sensor, but you can still avoid brushing too hard with a little care. It has a wide range of brush heads.

    Philips Sonicare Diamond CleanPhilips Sonicare Diamond Clean

    Best Dentist AwardThis is also best among sonic electrical toothbrushes. Its timer is helpful. Its pressure sensor works by giving a flash and buzz to let you know that you have to ease the pressure. The noise stops when you let up on the force. Dentists highly recommend this feature. Its handle design is comfortable to use. This sonic toothbrush can cause a tickling sensation for sensitive teeth.

    Electric ToothbrushGoby

    This electric toothbrush has the basic features included in the above brushes. It only has one type of brush head. Instead, it has all the basics one looks for at a very aggressive price.

    The acid may weaken your enamel if you vomit due to an eating disorder. 

Dentist in Temecula, CA Offers $19 Dental Oral Exams & Dental X-Rays