dental practice - general dental services - teeth dentistWelcome to Promenade Dental Practice. We are the Temecula 5-star family and cosmetic dental practice. We strive to provide affordable patient care and comfortable, no pain service. We incorporate the latest technology with the most highly trained UCLA dentist. The USA military sent Dr. Bao to all the top specialty schools to deal with the most extreme dental cases. Our state-of-the-art practice offers services from routine dental examinations to gum disease therapies. We also offer cosmetic dentistry, such as teeth whitening and veneers. We also provide therapeutic services such as crowns, bonding, bridges, and implants.

$95 Advanced Teeth Cleaning

Everyone must get their teeth cleaned twice a year to maintain a healthy mouth and gums. Make this part of your bi-annual general dental services. Most teeth dentists use old metal tools to scrape your teeth. Not only do they remove plaque, but they remove the enamel. We clean your teeth pain-free with high-tech ultrasonic teeth cleaning without removing enamel. We charge only $95. This price is dependent on your gum conditions.

What services are offered at Promenade Dental Care?

At Promenade Dental Care, we have trained dentists who can meet all your needs. If you want Orlando Emergency Dentist, a Cosmetic Dentist, or an Orlando Orthodontist. We can assist you with many aspects of tooth care.

Routine Services

Routine services include the most common problems people have with their teeth. This ranges from Root Canals to fillings and bridges.

Preventive Services

It’s essential to maintain excellent oral health. Even if you don’t have any dental pain, you could benefit from regular exams and X-rays. Our oral hygiene coaching can safeguard your teeth in the future.

Restorative Services

Restorative services are for those needing immediate treatment for a problem or trauma. Examples would include gum disease (periodontal) or dentures and canal therapy.

Cosmetic Procedures

For some people, getting the teeth they dream of requires cosmetic help. Whitening, cosmetic bonding, and porcelain veneers are services offered.

General Health Care

Our Dentists are highly trained to treat common dental problems. Dr. Bao can give you referrals and tips for a better dental lifestyle. Remember, a dental problem may be hiding more severe health issues. Even the tiniest pain could signal a more significant problem. Dr. Bao can check and identify potential risks so that you can get treatment right away.

A General Check-Up

We recommend a dental checkup at least every six months. Even the healthiest person can benefit from routine oral care. Our dentist can counsel you on the proper schedule for your circumstances. Looking for the perfect Murrieta dentist? Call us or visit our website to schedule an appointment. Start making your oral care a priority.