custom dentures, Temecula denturesOur custom dentures are a popular option. Typical patients are those who have lost some or all of their natural teeth. We make custom Temecula dentures that fit the patient’s mouth. They provide excellent comfort and functionality. The doctors at our Promenade Mall area practice offer both partial and full dentures. They combine advanced dental implant technology with custom prosthetics. This makes the best possible fit, stability, and lifelike appearance.

Partial custom dentures

Partial dentures are an option for patients who have lost only some of their teeth. Partial dentures are durable and are adequate replacements for missing teeth. When properly fitted, dentures are almost impossible to distinguish from natural teeth. We make partial dentures so that they correspond to the size and shape of the patient’s mouth. We also match the color of the new dentures to the patient’s existing teeth. Promenade Dental’s partial dentures provide a natural look.

Full Custom Adult Dentures, and Adult Braces

For people who have lost all of their teeth, full dentures or custom dentures are ideal. With full dentures supported by dental implants, patients can have a new complete set of teeth. Implant-supported full dentures restore the ability to eat your favorite foods. It also helps you speak and laugh comfortably. Full dentures look like natural teeth. We ensure this natural look by matching them to the size and shape of the patient’s mouth. Full dentures also maintain jawline definition. These implants prevent bone loss that occurs with traditional dentures.

Temecula Adult Braces and Temecula Dentures

Adult braces can straighten your teeth and line up your jaw. This procedure improves the bite, spaces out teeth that are crowded, and close gaps. Over the last few years, we have seen more and more adults recognize the benefits of adult braces. We are open to meet with you to discuss your concerns before you commit to dental correction. We recommend that you understand the costs, benefits, and time commitment. Adult braces will give you a perfect smile.

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