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Learn About our Temecula Dental Practice and Affordable Dental Practice. We are known as a Temecula Kids Dentist, Emergency Dentist, and Dental Exams.

Why do I have a Temecula dental practice?

I need to work where I live. Our Promenade dentist in Temecula, CA, is an affordable dental office. We are connected to people dedicated to making our neighborhood healthy. We are the 5-STAR Temecula dental practice with a low-cost dental exam.

Promenade Dental Care’s staff is reaching out to introduce our practice. Dr. Bao invites you to get to know all of us here – in your neighborhood! We are a general dental practice and affordable dental clinic. We offer immediate access to an emergency dentist. Other services include preventive, restorative, cosmetic dentistry, and Temecula kids dentist. Our office is a 5-star dentist near you.

  • We promise to do our utmost to give you the quality of service you expect and deserve. You will appreciate our prices as the most affordable dentist in Temecula.
  • Our Temecula dental practice will ensure your visit is comfortable and stress-free. This starts with your first dental exam.
  • We will encourage you to take part in treatment options. This includes discussions and decisions regarding dental procedures.
  • We strive to show you that we value your business and are appreciative of your trust in us.
  • We offer the kind of attention only a neighbor can give.
  • We have a first-class Temecula kids dentist.
  • We provide a quality service. You will love everything from dental exams to the completion of your dental services. We are an affordable dentist.
  • We are available when you need us as the best emergency dentist in Temecula.

Crucial to our reputation is the trust and confidence we’ve earned from outpatients. This develops into relationships that make healthy communities. We want to Temecula dental care - temecula dental practicebuild a relationship with you. We hope that you’ll consider our practice when looking for dental services. We welcome you to call us today!

Promenade Dental Care is committed to providing the best dentistry possible. Our patient satisfaction is the main reason for our success. We take great pride in our work. Our staff will be happy to educate our patients about their dental needs. Dr. Bao will make sure our patients understand the risks and benefits of treatments.

We share all your choices before any procedure. Dr. Bao will also be available whenever you need an emergency dentist. Call today to get an appointment at your Temecula affordable dentist. Ask about our teeth whitening service and our Temecula dentures.

Our clients report that our prices are the lowest in Temecula dental practices. Call us at (951) 412-0127 for an appointment or dental exam. We provide same-day crowns, fillings, Temecula kids dentist, and root canals.

Procedures Offered by General Dental Practice

Many general dentists are educated and trained in all dental procedures. Instead of specializing in one area of dentistry, they can provide a variety of services.

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