$3500 Adult Braces near me for Teeth Straightening using Clear Braces

adult braces near me - teeth straighteningWearing clear braces is not just for kids! Adults find that teeth straightening helps their social and professional lives. Promenade Temecula Dentist can help adults straighten their teeth. Braces bring out better and brighter smiles. These days some options make adult braces inconspicuous. Promenade Dental Care only uses clear braces or invisible braces. The popularity of adult braces keeps getting stronger.

Several years ago, it was rare to see adults opt for braces. Technology today has enabled people to get clear braces, and they can no longer be undetected by prying eyes. It helps adults get more comfortable with the idea of getting braces.

Further, the braces are more than just aesthetic solutions. It is not just to make you look more pretty when you smile. A well-formed set of teeth is also easier to clean and take care of. There are also fewer chances for germs and cavities to form with fewer nooks and crannies. They can help close the wide gaps between teeth where the germs thrive the most.

Braces are also used for more serious dental procedures. Adults might need braces when trying to find solutions for missing teeth, and patients might need to have some space opened or bone be built up for implants. Braces can be used in more complicated matters. An example is using braces for forming the base for prosthetic work.

Having crooked teeth can be painful, as well. They might hinder your ability to eat, speak, or move your mouth. They might cause pain when you move your jaw. They might even cause you to bite yourself when you are not careful. Braces can be used in such cases to fix those problems.

Going out in public with braces is no longer a problem anymore. These days the adult braces are barely noticeable and do not stick out like in the past. They work by gently applying steady pressure to the teeth to move and fall into a proper structure.

They have three components. Brackets are placed on every tooth, and a bonding fixes all the brackets to the teeth. Finally, there is an arch wire that connects all the brackets.

clear braces - cheap bracesThere are different options for braces.

Tooth-Colored Braces: These have the same color as your teeth. They are practically invisible to the eye. And they do not grab people’s attention and are far less intimidating. They do, however, stain pretty easily.

Clear Braces: These braces are transparent and practically invisible and go undetected by non-prying eyes. They are some of the best options to choose from. This is a good choice if you are concerned about the looks people might give you if you wear braces.

Metal Braces: These braces are made of stainless steel. They are much more precise, and they can be built small. These braces are built to fit in tiny places or areas where other braces cannot reach.

Gold Braces: These braces are also made of stainless steel, but they are further coated with gold paint. These are flashier versions of the braces built for people who wish to flaunt their braces. These flashy braces are more popular with younger people than with older ones.

Clear Aligners: We offer clear aligners which work the same as the Invisalign© brand or aligners. Braces can be removed for cleaning, eating, or brushing purposes. They are barely noticeable and should be worn for around 22 hours a day. The negative aspects of clear aligners are that they can require high maintenance. It cannot be easy to keep them hygienic for the mouth after being taken out. They can also stain pretty easily for people who drink coffee, wine, or eat.

Lingual Braces: These braces are placed on the interior side of the teeth. Because of this, the braces are always hidden from the public eye. Lingual braces are an option for people who are sensitive about their image.

Braces can be a lot more complicated matter for adults than for kids. Children have thick gums, making it easier for dentists to work with the braces. As we get older, our gums get weaker and start to recede. We also lose some of our bones. Orthodontists have to work with patients’ general dentists when they add braces. This ensures that they keep track of the patient’s gums and dental problems.

Cheap Braces for Adults are Now only $3500!

These days, people have to wear braces for a lot less time than before. It can be as little as six months or can go for up to 17 months. It all depends on how much work the dentist needs to do on an adult’s mouth. The teeth keep moving even after the braces are taken off. Some people choose to opt for applying retainers for life.

Don’t waste any more time. Call Promenade Temecula Dentist today at (951) 412-0127. We will schedule an appointment for adult braces. We are known for the best and most cheap braces, and Promenade has many ways to help improve your smile. Call today or read our recent press release about braces for adults.

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